Testimonials About Our Musical Performances

Every time I've seen or heard Tim play that guitar, I'm continuously blown away by his pure talent! His music and his talent isn't something you experience very much anymore and it's desperately needed today. Thank you for showing us what a true musician and music is! 🎶

- Demetria O

- Demetria O

Bond Fusion Music never fails to captivate an audience every time they are out to play and easily receives the most compliments of our hired musicians. Whether accompanied by their lovely violinist and sax artists or as a solo act, the complex array of musical arrangements are both riveting and familiar to all ages. All of the musicians are very sweet and very wonderful to be around and make an effort to get to know the staff and customers at events. I cannot recommend Tim Bond and his fellow artists enough!

- Veronica

Tim is the best! Professional, always on time, and guests absolutely love him and any of the partners that he brings to play with him. His music is perfect for an event as it is beautiful guitar - no singing - and easy to listen to but also have a conversation and enjoy time with friends and family. He is an incredibly talented musician and we cannot recommend him enough!

- Kristen N

Tim performed at a private party at our home last weekend. He is incredibly talented and we all loved him. I first heard Tim at a neighborhood event over a year ago and felt right away that if I ever had a party needing a musician he would be it. Our neighborhood committee hired him again this past December 2019 and had the opportunity to hear him perform again. At our party last weekend, he had lots of us dancing and we just loved his flamenco music and he even came up with a swing dance interpretation that was so much fun. The people at the party ranged between 13 and 80. Everybody said he was the hit of the evening! Thank you, Tim for an unforgettable evening! Check him out!

- Georgia Torok

Tim played at our small venue wedding down in the hill country in 2021. He was fabulous to work with, flexible and most of all played great music that all guests enjoyed! He made it special for us as well! We highly recommend Tim!

- Beth Gadau

I’ve been a musician in the Austin area off and on for well over 20 years. Tim us one of the best guitarists in central Texas for sure! And while I’ve only interacted with him briefly through mutual friends, he’s a really good dude!

- Jamahl Gibson

I met Tim at an event where he had an opportunity to play a little of his music. My husband and I love Classical, Flamenco and Jazz acoustic guitar. It was going to be my husband's 64th birthday. I was so excited to book Tim for February 8th 2020 @ 7:00 pm, it was a surprise party only knowing to keep that date open.

The night was magical with the beautiful music Tim had picked out to play for us. He wanted to make sure that he played "When I'm Sixty-Four" and we could all sing it together. I wanted to create a memory for my husband and Bond Fusion did just that! It was an evening filled with wonderful music, dancing, laughter and food enjoyed by all. Tim turned both my husband and myself into big fans. Can't wait to see him play again at one of his public events.

If you want an amazing party book Bond Fusion, his parties make memories. Thank you Tim!

- Loretta Gradek

If only there was an option for more than 5 stars! Tim's played for an event in the cave at Slate Theory winery, and set the entire tone for the evening. The music was simply perfection, and added just the right ambience during the event. I've seen/heard Tim perform at other wineries, but in this environment, the music was mesmerizing. Don't think twice about booking Tim, you will not be disappointed! Thanks, Tim, for your part in such a special memory for the group.

- Marty Williams

- Marty Williams

Tim Bond is an amazing guitar player and great person. I have seen him perform numerous times and he is enjoyed by teenagers and octagenarians alike. Spanish guitar, blues, rock and pop are all interwoven into a tapestry of great enjoyment!

- Chuck J

We first heard Tim play at a friend's birthday party. I thought it was a CD.

- Russell Magnum

Tim perfectly blends heart and technique to create a unique style of cinematic meets gypsy guitar playing.

- Rick del Castillo